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Name: Linsay (Len-SAY) bka Miss Prissy aka Miss Diva 2000

Age: 18

Hometown: Jay-ville, Phlorida

I'm a new college student majoring in Computer and Information Science at Florida Community College and then plan on going to either University of South Florida or Spelman College next fall.

I'm outgoing, sweet, and cute as hell!! :-) (hint hint Zane & Ginuwine) I'm somewhat shy but I'm not quiet when it comes to Z and G!

While in school, I plan to do a little acting, modeling, and dancing (hip-hop & latin, not exotic) to fulfill the side of me that wants to be famous and in the spotlight. I love making webpages. So far I have 3 webpages under my belt with more to come.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me!