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Lil' Zane was on Notorized III on BET. While on there he said that he was going to try to do less cursing on his next album.

The video for "None Tonight" has been released.

Lil' Zane will be performing "Callin' Me" on Jenny Jones December 8th. Check local listings.

Lil' Zane finished filming his part in the upcoming movie "Finding Forrester" along with Sean Connery. The film started filming on April 3rd in Toronto and New York and wrapped up filming in late June. It's release date is December 25th, 2000.

Lil' Zane is to also star in Dr. Doolittle 2 as the boyfriend of Dr. Doolittle's (Eddie Murphy) daugther, Charisse (Raven Samone). It's projected release date is September 15th, 2001. It started filming on September 25th in Los Angeles.

Lil' Zane declined the 4 million dollar deal with Tommy Hilfiger in honor of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

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