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other lil' zane pen pals
i like lil zane because he looks so good& he's down 2 earth. and he has a really nica smile&body!
Whasupp? My name is Arielle Kalil Aria King, I'd like to B apart of the "Zane Pen Pals". You asked for nicknames?: Badussy Cat A*K*A* Toy Soulja, p*ussy weed. well Lataz Also, The website iz TYTE!!
Look no further cause ur #1 Lil Zane fan is Here. words can not express his looks and talent. I just get chills thinking of him. Holla back, Jessica
I love Lil Zane is is cute, He could rap and he got a nice body. I am a true Lil Zane fan. If I see him on TV I will record it and watch it over and over again.
Lil Zane is my favorite rap singer because of his looks and talents. If i had one wish in the world, I would want to spend the day with him. Also if I werw to see him in person I would break down crying.He inspires me because he raps about everyday life ,and he is telling the truth.Especially in hid latest song "None Tonite".For my last line I just want to say that I love Lil Zane!
HeY EverYbOdIe! my name is Destinee. My friends call me des . not only do i like lil zane becuz of his looks he is very talented.